Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Two

As Dave Sees It.

July 3

Got up at seven and hit the showers, made coffee and started this blog. We are going for another quick bike ride then heading out to Golden Hill State Park near Niagra Falls till the long weekend is over.

Turned out to be almost 11am before we got underway, arrived at Golden Hill Park about 2pm but stopped at a Tims for internet access and had a coffee cause we were there. Downloaded the software for our new Ipod hope to be able to load some tunes off the laptop.State Parks are scenicly beautiful but short in the services department. No internet to be found, but there are clean washrooms and showers with lots of hot water.
As Framp Remembers It.
Great Day. Went riding down to the swimming spot because there was no beach Golden Hill Park, but Dave is right it was a beautiful park.

Different lake....Still stinky
No Internet though. Called Dad and Pat to see if they wanted to come over for dinner but the border would have been a night mare (as you will see because I am writing this on July 5 - Fay's Birthday!).We had a lovely meal, then drove to see the fireworks! Lots of people. Driving home Dave had to do some pretty fancy driving to avoid the deer. That got the old heart racing. We got back to the camper safe and sound.

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