Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 14

As Dave Sees It!

As Framp Remembers It!

The day started off with a pancake breakfast and just got better from there. We got on the road and headed to Winslow, Arizona so we could "Standing on the Corner" in Winslow, Arizona and take it easy.

Then we drove to Walnut Canyon to see the cliff dwellings of the Sinagua people, believed to be the ancestors of the Hopi peoples. Dave and I got a good deal of excerise walking in and out of the canyon to view the dwellings. Really awesome!

And we were reminded once again to take it easy just like this little fellow!

Easy does it, folks.

I then decided to get some groceries. Sedona was, according to the maps, only 26 miles from Munds Park. Ha!!! Those 52 miles took me 2 1/2 hours to drive. The road was windy and Sedona is at the bottom of a canyon. The "vortexs" that align spirtual energy that Sedona is reknown for got a hold of me and upset my inner balance and I scrubbed the Sonata's tire against a curb....EeeeeK! By the time I got back to the Enterprise I was a little grouchy. I recovered!!!

I made dinner and then while I showered and played computer stuff, Dave played washing, drying and folding the laundry. Then we both put our clean laundry away!!

Slide Rock Park tomorrow.

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