Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 16

As Dave Sees It!
As Framp Remembers It!

Well, we arrived at the Grand Canyon.....

First, we had to pay big bucks (Sunday, don’t ya know) to have the valve stem, that we had replaced in Cornwall about three weeks ago, fixed! Not pleased with Cornwall establishment!!! We got into Tusayan, the village outside the national park, and watched the IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon. It was enjoyable.

Next we set off to find our campsite. Well, I was sure that I had booked us in Trailer Village (inside the park) and I yelled at Dave when he tried to turn into Camper Village (outside the park). We drove into the park to our campsite (?) and then I checked our confirmation paper; I had to eat humble pie. Luckily, we have a national park pass so getting into the park to find that I was wrong (again) didn’t cost anything other than a good chuck of my pride and Dave’s patience.

Back we went to Camper Village and our site, got set up, went for a walk to buy some stuff and back to make some dinner. While Dave was cooking the dogs, he decided to check the tire pressure in the tire that was worked on..... You guessed it, the valve stem was leaking. We are now 75 miles (and $37.00 one way) from the joint that repaired the valve stem.... Drag to say the least. Dave called and will take the Enterprise back to Flagstaff tomorrow.

After that call, we made our way to the “big hole”. There are no words and everywhere you look is an other picture.

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  1. great pics!! Oh ya Frampy humble pie is yummy with ice cream LOL
    MBH sends her love