Monday, June 28, 2010

Daze of Our Lives

Dave and I were well on our way to being RVing Idiots prior to the purchase of our Motor Home. Here we are pictured with a family member 5 years ago. I will protect the anonymity of my si...ooops, with my life (and also that clever little shape I put over Jea......ooop's face).
Dave and I have scoping out the Canadian Tire camping sections, looking for deals, and trying to figure out just what Idiots need to be successful in the wild.
I am getting scared 'cause there has been some talk about cooking, BBQ hoses, adaptors and .....gasp....a hand held little vacuum to clean the camper. I didn't know that we were bringing someone along who was going to cook and clean, but what the heck.....
Dave been talking about tires and dollies again. More on (Moron) that later.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next Step


Well if you have a 30' motor home, you need two things. A place to motor to... and a place to set up camp. We now have both....We don't have the camper yet, but we have a site.
We will be motoring out to Manitoba, Grand Beach Provincial Park to be exact.
Getting the camp site required much patience on my part. No, not with the computerized reservation system, which was excellent - Thumbs Up, Manitoba Parks Service. No much patience was needed to absorb all Dave's gently worded suggestions. Ain't love grand!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just getting started on this new adventure. We have secured a MOTOR HOME, used but a motor home none the less. Secured may be the wrong word.....We have laid out our hard earned cash but the camper is still in Dewitt, Michigan whilst we are here in Cornwall, Ontario.

After weeks of Internet searches, disappointments, viewing, road trips, worrying, fear and fights (with each other) we found an RV. Dave then drove 8 hours through the Big Smoke and the G20...what dedication, what fun, what a mess. After a test drive, Dave purchased the vehicle....I'll post pictures when I see the camper. Soooo cool.