Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day One

As Dave Sees It.

July 2
Got up at 5:20 am after hardly sleeping all night. Far too excited and in a hurry to get started. Loaded the Sonata on the car dolly, tested all the lights, checked tire pressures, loaded some last minute items in the fridge and were ready to go by 7:20am.
Crossed the border at Cornwall and were at the Bears Den for fuel and propane by 8:30am odometer at 36664 miles. Stopped at Walmart to pick up some Trac Phones for the journey also purchased a new Ipod for tunes and we found a snazzy “old school” no gears bike for Frampy. It is Bronze in color and she rode it through the parking lot back to the motorhome all the while being very pleased with herself and life in general. Loaded the bike on the carrier and headed out.
Left Wally world at 10:30 and headed for Sampson State Park on the Finger Lakes. After having done a map reload on the GPS it kept saying it needed to be reset but once we plugged in a destination it settled down and appears to be working fine.
Arrived at the Park at roughly 4pm having driven 243 miles it was cooking hot. I set up camp while Framp went for fire wood. We went for a bike ride to the beach so we could go for a swim and at the first slight hill Framp started to think that at least a few gears on the bike might have been a good idea.

Made burgers for supper at 6:30pm and had a bonfire at 8pm, we were both falling asleep in the chair by the fire at 10pm so we did not bother driving out for the fireworks and went to bed. Slept with the fans on cause it stayed hot and still all night.

As Framp Remembers It.

It was a tough ride! Biking was so much easier when I was only hauling 100 lbs around.  Swim was refreshing, though a tad stinky. Sampson State Park was great.

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