Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 8, Saturday, July 9

As Dave Sees It!

It is now 109 F and my lovely wife France Ass has a wee headache cause she went to the botanical garden with out even a hat. Can you say holy f#%@ batgirl !!!!!
What were you thinking?????? She did use sunscreen so you she will not get melenoma if she does not die from heat stroke. She is a fricken crazy person.

As Framp Remembers It!

Trip to the botanical gardens was great really hot but really cool. The tropical house was a welcome relief from the heat here in Oklahoma City (43 C or 109). I was thinking of my friends as I was taking pics. The Crown of thorns is for Poppy, the orchids are for Fay, the bromides are for Jane and the waterfall is for all my other friends and loved ones. There were no rose bushes for Mary nor any lilies for Trish. The first pic is the juxapostion between natural structures and man made structures.

Me smiling is for both  Lynn R and Lynn G
After I recovered from my visit to the Gardens with a swim and a sleep, Dave and I went to dinner on our way to an AA meeting. We had the best pizza I have ever eaten at a place called Italiano's. Awesome pizza and a great Big Book discussion meeting at the Kelly Club. Thanks Oklahoma City.

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