Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 29

As Dave Sees It!
As Framp Remembers It!

We had a lovely breakfast after sleeping in until 7:30. Lovely, lovely.

Then into the Sonata to take in the grandeur of Yellowstone Park.

We took the east side of the park today, seeing as how we had taken the west side yesterday. The high point was 8,8857 feet above sea level. Dave managed to get some snow off a snow pack! Cool. Here's a pic of Dave's balls.

We hiked one small boardwalk to see the mud pools. The smell of sulphur was pretty awful (it reminded Dave of the dioxide plant).

Quite a few of the drivers just stop in the middle of the road to get pictures and lots of the big animals walk on the road, so we were prepared for anything.

Well, almost dizzy driver stopped his car in the road, got out and walked about 100 paces away from his car. He didn’t even try to pull over to the nonexistent shoulders. Truly amazing!! Two legged wild life. This was the bear he was trying to take a photo of. I had to really zoom to get this.

We stood at the 45th parallel! We can do it in Ingleside, too.

Off to Glendale, Montana....Well that's if we make it. We may stop earlier!!

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