Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 20

As Dave Sees It!

As Framp Remembers It!

We started off the day with good coffee and a hot breakfast, then a hike. Matt took us on a pretty easy hike with a great view. We had time to snack and chat. Lovely way to start the day.

Then we loaded up the boats and set off!

I can’t describe the scenery and pictures just don’t seem to do it justice.

We had lunch at a nice sandy beach with an overhanging cliff. Ted, Leah, Matt and Clint put out a table of food for us to make our own lunches. Delicious!
Back into the rafts....

We had a quick swim off the raft... and it only took 4 of us to get me back in the raft!!! How sad! Steve was pulling, Scott was behind afraid to push, I was trying to heave my bulk up and Dave was telling Scott to help him push me. I totally understand Scott’s reluctance.
We made land again after we unloaded the rafts while the swampers made camp, we went on another hike. Up to see the “graineries”. I was not able to make it all the way to the top. Here’s the view from where I stopped.

Dave and Clint stayed with me and Clint gave us more info on the canyon. Dave and I started down but Clint barrelled past us clutching his private bits! A fire ant bit him in a very inconvenient place. Funny for us, painful for Clint.
Camp was great, the food good. The kids played and the adults chatted.

The view from my cot

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