Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 24

As Dave Sees It!

As Framp Remembers It!
There are some days that seem to bring their own set of problems! Dave’s day was like that. He couldn’t find his trailer keys, so after some looking we decided he would use my keys and we would get a new set of keys cut if his did not turn up!

We had to load the Sonata on Dolly....Yep, Dave crush his pointer finger on his left hand between the RV and the propane tank! Ouch! The poor guy couldn’t even let loose with a string of foul language because there were too many people about! I went quietly and sat in the trailer and tried to keep a really low profile.
We stopped and got gas then headed north to the KOA closest to both Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.
As we near our destination, Dave discovered that he has no idea where his wallet is.....He thought he might have gotten it out to pay for the free with fill up ice at the gas station. He announced that when we got camp set up he would drive back to the gas station to get the wallet if necessary. I announced that he should not drive or do anything!! I would go back! Thank god, the wallet was in the car.
We had dinner, played on the internet and then the day was done and we were safe abed.

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