Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 6

As Dave Sees It!

Drive, Drive, Drive, sleep, sleep, sleep, and now it is July 7th. We are 3hrs from Oklahoma City and it is time to chill out for a day or so. At a camp on a beautiful lake that is currently in the middle of an algae bloom so no swimming.Thats OK we swam the last 4 days in a row. Our airconditioner apppears to be working well a and and thats good cause it is 96 F and muggy. May go for a paddle wheel boat ride tomorrow depending on what the weather is. There have been numerous little glitches so far but nothing major or totally overwhelming.

As Framp Remembers It!

Driving, arriving...with a stop at - gasp - WalMart. We stopped to buy an inner tube, but had to go back later to buy a second inner tube because the first one blew up with a big bang.

We had a little trouble unloading Dolly and Dave had to cut the safety chain off one side (and I thought the bolt cutters were overkill when he packed.... Who knew?). Then we found out the car battery was DEAD. EeeeeeK! We survived with no problems and not much tension...we were sooooo mature.

 The RV park has a lovely view from our camper.

Wondreful Day

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