Thursday, August 11, 2011

Days 34 through 41

As Dave Sees It!

As Framp Remembers It!
Well, I am sitting at Northlanders RV Park outside of Superior, WI. Tomorrow we will be in Munising, Michigan. Then who know...Eastward on the last leg of our journey.

I have been remiss in acquainting you with our travails and joys these last few days so here’s the update with pictures.
We arrived in Winnipeg after a really bumpy road from the border through Morris. The road was damaged by flooding and, boy, was it bad!

Dave and I spent the night at Chris and Alison’s. The Willmans came over for dinner and a great time was had by all as we celebrated Alison’s b-day. That was the only time we spent with Jemma. She’s a busy gal, getting ready to go to England to study at Portsmouth’s University.

Then off we went to the camp with Tristan, Lilah, Thomas and William. Will was the navigator, Tristan the sleeper, Thom, the DS player, Lilah, the talker and I was just a passenger.

We swam and campfired on the first two days

and on the third day, we waterparked. Chris, Alison and Sarah, Dennis and Evvie met us at Splash Island in Portage La Prairie. What a blast. Sarah brought Tristan’s friend, Min and his sister, Emily. Thomas and Lilah both begged their parent to let them go home with them - to no avail. Min and Emily did return with the Willmans.

We returned to Winnipeg, made all kids go to their respective homes, spent one  night at Chris and Ali’s, Had lunch with my fab friend Jane and Sarah,

....then hit the road for Grand Forks. Two night in the Forks and now we are in Superior. Ain’t life grand?

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