Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 32 - Tuesday, August 2 (I think)

As Dave Sees It!
As Framp Remembers It!

Wow, poor North Dakota is under water....okay that’s an overstatement...but it sure is wet!

We arrived at Larimore Dam Recreation Area and did not even get lost!! We got stopped and Dave wanted to wash everything in sight! He caught a good burn! Here are pictures of Dave's idea of relaxing...

Here’s what I see when I relax

This park is great. I went for a bike ride/explore while Dave washed everything in sight. There is an arboretum, it was a little down at the heels! I am probably the only person who visited it all year, with the exception of the grounds keepers who mow.

I don’t know who or what is to be kept in or out!

After the washing/exploring, we had a lovely dinner and headed into Grand Forks. Dave and I loved meeting new friends. Home is where the language of the heart is!

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