Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 44, 45 and 46

Day 44

As Dave Sees It!

As Framp Remembers It!

It’s my 54 b-day today!!! Yippee

We’ve had a very interesting day. It started off well and then we got out of bed! A couple of harsh words later and we were on our way. We high fived our disagreements away and proceeded down the road. The rain rained but still the first hour and a half went swimmingly then I took the wheel. The rain continued and we made a wrong connection somewhere.....POS (piece of sh#t) GPS!!! We were aiming for Hwy 15 to take us to Hwy 46. We meandered around Saginaw, Michigan for about a half an hour before we finally found highway 46. It was a little intense in the tin can. No, the highway was not plainly marked!!! I was still driving and it was still raining, sometimes very hard, as we were sailing along Hwy 46 when, suddenly the windshield wiper on the passenger side blew a rod. Pulling over was needed, and with the Enterprise plus Dolly, a large parking lot was required. I pulled in at the corner of Hwy 15 and Hwy 46. Funny haha or funny odd.... The sign in the parking lot read “Will the road you are on bring you to my place? God”. We needed the reminder about what’s important in our lives.
We stopped while Davey gerryrigged the windshield wiper. Then Dave turned on the generated and we had coffee and a hot lunch.

We got to the Lakeport camp grounds around 2:30, rented the site and then took the Enterprise to gas up. While we were gassing up, Dave noticed that the Sonata’s driver side wheel was on top of the hook for the wheel web. The web was loose!! Eeek and the hook might have been damaged.  We do have safety chains on the front axle. Still we could not assess the problem ‘til we got back to the site. The Sonata had to debark (is this a word?) from Dolly, but everything worked out!

Dave had a well deserved nap and I read my book while it rain off and on. When Dave awoke we decided to go to Port Huron for a nice Birthday dinner. We put the passports in the camper dash for easy access tomorrow, loaded up with American and Canadian cash. I took the receipt for the camp site out of my purse and put it with the other receipts in the camper.  The PSO GPS stated that Bistro 1882 was a 3 star restaurant and we foolishly fell for its’ wilily cunning. Dave was driving this time as we followed the stupid instructions....Who’d have guessed the I-69 E only goes to the bridge to Sarnia? No turn arounds, no room for errors...we were f#@%ed.  It was a little intense in the tin can. We had to go over the bridge to Canadian customs. The customs guy was great, he got a laugh out of our experience, wished me a happy birthday and turned us around ....$3.00 bridge toll, 30 minutes in line, and some jangled nerves. We had to pay $3.00 bridge toll again (insult to injury) and get in line for American customs....No passports, no proof of campsite.....I was pretty upset! Took another 30 minutes to get back across the bridge. At US customs, the guy asked us some questions, Dave explained what happened and he gave us our driver’s licenses back and sent us on our way.

Yes, we finally had a nice dinner of really great ribs at a place, Palms Krytal Bar and Grill, which we had passed up three times while we were trying to find Bistro 1882. Ain’t life grand?
Aug 15
We got to mom's place, had a wonderful dinner with mom, Judy and Andrea. Great time, lovely chatting with these three ladies. They treated me like a birthday girl. Great Indian food to top off a lovely day!
Aug 16
We arrived at Lenora's place, visited then home to Cornwall! Life is grand!

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